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This weekend has been kinda interesting, Jay and I have been emailing a doctor in Jacksonville about skin problems we are having… Here are some snippets of that email conversation…

Jay - “I have a not-so-insignificant crotch rash… I have applied some diaper rash cream which seems to help, but not eliminate the issue. And, Jeremy has developed a similar rash in the similar region that is attacking him with a vengeance. And he claims I gave him the rash because he said he has never gotten one before. I say he got it because he is now living in Haiti for the first time, but either way, our crotches would appreciate some advice. 

Jeremy- “Who should i send my crotch rash photos too? anyone specific or everyone included?” (joke) 

Doctor- “Jeremy, Again no crotch pictures from haiti are necessary, I guess that may open up a different internet funding stream for the ministry but probably not in line with the mission statement.  Definitely adds a different take to your blog! (more than you know doc) Good luck...Get your hands out your pants!!   Dont want to know how Jay gave this to Jeremy! What is happening down there?- (me and jay shared underwear) If you have developed a candida infection (will see isolated red dots seeming to show the infection is spreading or marching out, called satellite lesions) not just the simple diaper rash (generalized redness irritation, no "satellite lesions" ), then you would benefit from antifungal creams like used in vaginal yeast infections, miconazole, nystatin, etc… need to keep area clean and dry as much as possible and hope nothing falls off. :) just kidding, you hope.” 

Jay- “Jeremy is excited about taking Vagisil or something like it. I may have actually not given him the disease, because he has the "satellite lesions" and I have nothing of the sort, just the typical standard crotch rash for me… And Diana, please make sure yall pack Jeremy's vagina cream to bring down for him. It is difficult to find that stuff here (so Jer tells me, from his previous searches for such cream)" (real funny jay...) 

Diana- “i never thought i'd be buying vaginal cream for jeremy, but i'm very happy to do so!" (just hilarious D...) 

Jeremy- Doc(tor),

As a long time advocate for rash treatments, I have always supported all cremes and ointments. With this being said, I must admit I have never had a rash. That preludes the fact that I don't know much rashes or treatments. Which brings me full circle to my question:    
Will antifungal vaginal yeast infection creme help non-vaginal, estrogen-less very manly satellite rash?”   

Doctor- “In your case, highly likely… Miconazole or antifungal should work. Not vagisil that doesn't have antifungal med just anti-itching. Pharmacist should be able to help if not sure. Likewise, I never thought I would be emailing Diana concerning Jeremy's vaginal cream, but that is what makes my job interesting
11/30/2009 10:53:57 am

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