It continues to be frustrating sitting in a room full of Haitians and not being able to communicate. I realize it hasn't even been two weeks living here but still everyone in the room is laughing and I WANNA LAUGH TOO... Don't get me wrong, seeing Haitians laugh makes me laugh but I feel like a poser- I want more substance to it... I guess I just wanna know what is so funny. Haitians are always laughing, I'm not sure if it's at us or with us but there is an epidemic of the giggles in Haiti. At least in the Haitians I know.

The orphans are way more comfortable now. They all smile and are stoked to see us everyday. I strongly believe more and more that love really is a universal language. These kids here just want attention and to be loved. Their needs are sooo basic and clear. Yet at the same time, it's very revealing to me as well cause I think at the core of my soul I want the same thing. If I am honest, it is blatantly apparent that everything I do stems from my desire to be known and loved. It is still hard for me to believe that God really knows me from the inside out, from my pathetic attempts to impress Him to the deplorable acts of my flesh, YET still loves me as much as He loves Jesus. Ummm I'm sorry but my mind was just blown and if you know me well enough it'll blow your mind too.  

So I play with orphans, doing nonsense really, making up games, astonishing them with my superior strength abilities and the such, hoping they can catch even a tiny glimpse that they are important, that they are known, that they are loved. Honestly, my hope is that everyone I know and will know in the future might be able to realize that. With the risk of sounding noble, I desire to provide a small window, even if for an instant, for people to know God's love of His Creation. Why? To me it is almost a selfish desire because I know it to be the best way to experience God's love here on planet Earth. Witnessing the transformational love of God taking root and completely, from top to bottom, revolutionize someone's life to me is like witnessing God Himself. Love begets love, which strengthens my faith, allowing more Gospel power to spring forth from me.

9/23/2009 05:43:44 am

please keep sending us peep-holes into your lives and hearts in haiti...such views are so unwrapping my own heart to long for the same things that you long for know God - and to make his amazing love known....but as you said too - to really believe He loves me like this too...deeply, even in the midst of my mess!
shore do miss my boy jeremy. who's gonna share their banana's with maye? :):):)

9/23/2009 10:31:19 am


9/23/2009 04:28:28 pm

so glad i could not sleep tonight and found your blog.
wow...blessings in the middle of the night.
thanks for sharing..

9/25/2009 06:44:01 am

pshh yea!

9/27/2009 04:44:30 am

Amazing that Christ has met our need to be loved! Thanks for sharing.

9/27/2009 05:11:12 am

Well I better think of some way to send down a case of bug spray for you guys! You make my heart sing. God is truely there with you and your friends. He was there before you arrived. Know my love is there, too.

7/26/2013 12:19:10 pm

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