Diana is coming back tomorrow thus tonight was the season finale of “3 men plus Mindylove”. It closed a 10 day miniseries event that began when Diana left to the states for her brother’s wedding. This left Jay, Zack and I to be the caretaker(s) of Mindylove- the 4 year old Haitian orphan girl we live with. The series was full of drama, tears and a whole lotta laughs. I loved working with my supporting cast and I kinda hope we get signed on for a second season or even a spin off series "Mindylove in America"…
Menos, the orphanage house dad and gardener, gives me massages on Sunday nights. First, he prays over me and from there- anything is possible. He makes a homemade massage lotion which consists of lemons and limes, hand sanitizer, some sort of ground up leafy substance, coconut milk and a Haitian secret ingredient- kerosene (yes, that was not a typo… he uses gas).  On my back, he uses the old skool open handed karate chop method. On my legs, I’ve asked him to use a rolling pen for a slow deep tissue massage. For his services, I pay him 100 goudes (about $2.50)… Tonight Zack was playing the guitar during my massage and Menos started singing this song in Creole about Jesus being the best doctor who can heal any sickness… the whole experience was soothing for my soul…

11/16/2009 09:05:01 am

wow. both of these stories kill me a little bit. the medical email exchange kills me because i was laughing really hard, internally, because my roomie is over here being all studious and so ya know i didn't want to DISTRACT her or anything/reveal that i'm actually not being studious like her, which laughing internally hurts because i just ate a bunch of pizza. and it kinda hurts your face.
the other story kills me because that child is precious and mindylove is the most precious suiting name for such a precious child. gosh darn.

11/17/2009 10:56:20 am

I have to agree. The Mindylove story is precious. Almost more than her. What a doll! The other story is a hoot. Unfortunately, I can envision the whole conversation! Love you all!

11/23/2009 09:11:55 pm

jeremy, i love the picture! i'm praying for the spinoff series, "mindylove in america". wanting the supporting cast to sign an extended contract and hoping for a lead role. praying for each of you....

2/12/2012 05:11:49 pm

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