My stomach has communicated with me rather clearly in the past couple of days that it is officially begun its transition/adjustment to food here in Haiti. We buy and make our own food, and by we I mean Diana and Zack. But you know Jay and I are good for getting our scrub on after meals. In recent days, a meal for me consists of something like rice, beans, bread, peanut butter, honey, jelly and stew. Throw in a mystery fruit and/or veggie and you got yourself a feast. All this seems pretty standard except I continue to go back to my favorite desert- a scoop of Tums. Hopefully it's just a phase, like getting peed on by the orphans...

We turn on our generator usually from 6pm to midnight, which provides our house with electricity for powering the refrigerator and every fan I can find. We have a gas-powered oven, which is used to make mostly bread. Let's talk about bread: Zack makes some delicious bread. I have spent some time crunching a few numbers and calculated it is at least 17 times better tasting than the Haitian bread found in the grocery stores here. It's healthy too! I think when Charles returns from Canada we are going to ask him about setting up a bread "factory" in our compound to give cheap healthy delicious bread and jobs to the village. I will update you more on that later... 

mama reina
9/21/2009 11:22:42 am

THANKS SOOOO MUCH for the updates of life in haiti...soooo good for my heart to hear the stories of God meeting my kids in haiti in such crazy and faithful ways!
do we need to send yo more tums?

mama ginny
9/22/2009 01:38:51 am

Man this is amazing! Glad you now have an appreciation for TUMS. You are thin enough already. As long as I can get my arms around you, I am OK. God is good!

Erica Rhodes
9/22/2009 07:03:36 am

Hey bud! I am so encouraged by what you are doing over in Haiti. What is the mail system like? How long does it take for you to receive things? Maybe a group of us at The Chapel can send some things over.

7/26/2013 12:19:58 pm

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