I drove a car here recently. It started out exactly as any driving experience I've ever had. I hopped into the front seat, check to make sure Jay, Kedesh and Alexander are wearing seat belts, buckle up myself, release the parking break, endure the vintage "Oh Gawd, you're not driving are you?!", put the key in the ignition, turn clockwise, right foot on brake, right hand pulls downward to R and then place right foot on the gas pedal. Pretty standard stuff.  

Then in an instant, I felt like I was in a video game. I drove down our rocky road on a narrow path with steep eroded edges plummeting down to the riverbank below, dodging goats, donkeys, people, and a horse with zebra stripes that resides on our street. I pull in to the craziness that is the main road. The only Law of the Road: bigger vehicles have the right away. With tap taps everywhere, people walking in and out of traffic, I drove through the Caberat Market, squeezing through with inches to spare, finally arriving to the local Texaco to get gas for the generator.   

All filled up, we drove back and I pass our side road. I need more of this madness. Kadesh and Alexander tell me they want to go see a lady "friend". I obliged- ducking, passing and honking through the insanity. After a mild search we arrive at her house, about 15 minutes away, in what looked to be Haitian government housing. Her parents invite us in, give us Sprite in ice, the dad flaunts his fireman certificate from the U.N. and the boys flirt with the daughter under the watchful eye of the mom. After we finish the drinks, we thank them for their hospitality and head back home through the parade of colors and people on the street. We arrived home with 50 gallons of gas and an unquenchable thirst to drive more…

Also, I am heading to California tomorrow for Kyle Wagner's wedding bonanza and I will be there for a week, so feel free to call a brother...
9/29/2009 07:19:49 pm

i'm in haiti myself again while reading your blog!...and as in america - the trip is just more fun if jershurk is along for the ride....and as any trip - it's much more dangerous if jershurk is actually driving the car (truck)!
hugs and prayers ccntinued,

10/2/2009 07:42:55 am

yeah, I would probably be concerned with your driving in Haiti. =) anyhoo, I'm sure you are doing your part in helping the others. such a great son! love and prayers always!

5/1/2012 06:05:42 pm

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7/26/2013 12:16:31 pm

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