One of the biggest blessings God's bestows upon me is a heart broken for His people. It ignites compassion which drives action. Without a broken spirit, my life revolves around me. I always hear, “Be careful, it's a dangerous thing to ask God to break you.” I feel it is absolutely the most important thing to ask. Brokenness leads to God's wholeness. Break me, shatter me, give me strength to do whatever it takes to rid me of me. I'll be careful when I am uncertain about the future. But when I know God is for me and loves me and wants the absolute best for me, I'll throw my cares and hesitations to the wind and hope to never see them again. I boldly ask God to penetrate me to my core, break my shackles of uncertainty and free me from the death grip I have on myself. I need to be broken every minute of every hour of every day. I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. And in this brokenness, I want to love people with no filters or end game. I want to love them just for the sake of loving them empowered by God's love for me. It just makes sense. I am loved to love. The perfect harmonious love of the Trinity showering us with love from Heaven. Today, more than any other day in my life, I want to explore this life God has set out for me.

Why do I ever settle for anything less?!

What happens if I stake my whole life around what God has promised for me?!

What does God, the creator of creativity, have in store for me?!

Sometimes the Gospel makes perfect sense which is a clear reminder that the Spirit is alive and actively pouring through me.

It's good to be alive.

5/10/2010 07:32:59 am

nailed it!! keep blowing with the wind, Jer-Rem-EE! :)

Aunt Sharon
5/10/2010 11:00:07 am

I always love reading your strengthening words! You really should write a Christian book - pray about it. Hope all is well for you and yours. I miss you and love you.

5/10/2010 10:16:15 pm

They are right, you have really put the words out there for all of us! I will reread this often. Love you always!

5/11/2010 02:48:13 pm

I heard you and Jay speak at Status shortly after the earth quake and have been reading your blogs since. I must say I felt like this one was directed at me. It really spoke to my core. Thank you for being available to the Holy Spirits calling on your life and posting such powerful words! Praying for you often!

10/13/2010 07:25:03 pm

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10/28/2010 02:14:59 am

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5/23/2011 04:45:32 pm

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