So it has been about 3 weeks since I last wrote. Through the illnesses and internet woes, I'm still alive. Even now I got to keep this short because I have things to do...

Recently, we have delegated responsibilities around here and I am the Director of the Children of the King orphanage. I am pretty excited about that prospect and how I can focus more specifically in my time here. We have our first team coming December 15th and I am also very excited about that (it'll be good to see friends). We need prayer to overcome our illnesses in time for the teams arrival. But over the last 3 weeks there have been sooooooOOOOO many ups and downs, frustrations (alot) and rays of hope. Most importantly, there has been a constant need of God to consume all areas of my life. Please keep praying for us and I'd like to write more soon...
12/7/2009 03:25:52 am

I am so sorry that you have had some illnesses there but am so glad to see the blog up and running. I feel as if I am there with you. Much love

3/7/2012 01:53:19 pm

Wow really glad i found your website, i’ll be sure to visit back now i’ve bookmarked it.


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