Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your willingness to walk with us in our efforts to help Haiti in this desperate time of need.  Jay, Diana, Zack and I returned to Jacksonville Friday night, and since returning to America we have been busy refocusing our plan of action to help Haiti and to specifically aid the village we were living in, Messailler. 

The time to act is NOW. Lespwa's short term goal: survival aid. Long term goals focus on restoration and developing sustainable communities, but the immediate needs for survival must be the focus now.    

After meeting together, the Lespwa Worldwide board has devised a game plan in response to the immediate needs of Haiti. The majority of aid and relief effort is being distributed from the capital of Port au Prince and will slowly, if at all, reach the villages on the distant outskirts of Port au Prince. The food and resources in the village of Messailler are nearly depleted as many people head north out of PAP searching for survival.  By the grace of God about 25 water filters were distributed throughout Messailler before the earthquake. The village has hand pumps from which they can get water.  

Our immediate goal:  get to the Dominican Republic and from there transfer fuel and food to Messailer so the campus where the orphanage stands can remain a haven to the 100’s of people already seeking refuge within our campus walls.

We've gotten an incredible amount of responses from people willing, ready and waiting to help.  By far the most significant immediate need is prayer.  Monetary support is very CRUCIAL at this point.  Food drives and clothing drives are not urgently needed at this time, although they will be necessary in weeks/months to come.  Some of you have money, some of you don’t have money but you have time…both are important commodities. Here's how you can help:

  1. Pray. Alot. Persistently.  Talk with your friends and commit yourselves to meeting together and praying.  Decide on a time, say 4:55pm, and pray for Haiti. Pray for specific needs.  Check your inbox and Facebook for specific prayer requests as they develop.
  2. 2nd most IMMEDIATE need:  FINANCIAL DONATIONS, which will go towards relief efforts for the people of Messailler. If every person who reads this donated $10, we could do A LOT for those who are helpless without our help. Donate here: 
  3. Join this Facebook group for current updates on the game plan:  "Pray for us. Pray for Haiti." Tell your friends and your friends’ friends to join.
  4. We really want to speak at churches, schools, companies, rotary meetings, etc. We want to speak on the news, with newspapers; as time goes on we want to keep this story alive until Haiti is restored. If you or anyone you know would be willing, please connect us with them immediately.
  5. We have t-shirts being made to raise funds.  More info about where to find those will come soon---buy one. Wear it. Buy your friend one.
  6. We have set up an Etsy shop online.  Get together with friends and create artwork to sell for Haiti relief funds. Send us a high quality picture of your artwork and we’ll post it.
  7. Do whatever you can locally----hold a fundraiser at your school, church, etc. for Lespwa Worldwide.  Right now the greatest need, again, is monetary support.  Food drives, etc will be more helpful later…currently those goods would only sit in storage for later use.
Friends, we have been called to unite for such a time as this. Your efforts are needed and very appreciated.   

Because He first loved us,


Traylor Family
1/18/2010 10:39:05 am

Our family and our church in Richmond, VA are praying for you all and the precious children you serve. Today was day 1 of our fundraising efforts for those dear ones. I along with my 4 kiddos and one of their friends went door to door in our neighborhood today to ask people to donate spare change for the orphans on Haiti. We handed out slips of paper directing them to your website as well. Our little effort (only 2 streets today) raised $114. The kids were very into it. We plan to hit the rest of the streets in the days to come. Tomorrow we are selling brownies and collecting donations from our homeschool group. And our neighbor called to say that his company might be willing to match the funds we raise. I am not a natural fundraiser, but the Lord has grabbed my heart and the wheels in my head have not stopped turning about how to raise awareness and funds, now and in the months to come. While I do not want to rush ahead of the Lord, I certainly do not want to lag behind. We need to pray that the Lord would stir hearts far and wide.
Some are to go. some are to give. and some are to ask. I feel called to give and ask others to do the same. If the Lord leads my efforts beyond collecting change and selling brownies I may need to get additional guidance from you guys. I am praying that the Lord continues to lead you in his wisdom and grant you continued grace and strength.
Depending on Him,

1/18/2010 08:49:04 pm

What's the web address for the Etsy site?

Ducky Wing
1/18/2010 10:51:55 pm

Jeremy we are all praying for Haiti relieve and want to do what we can to help. Any word on Mindylove? let us know more about the tee-shirts maybe we could try to sell some at Calvery in Gulf Breeze and at work.

Carmen Wilkinson
1/20/2010 03:24:37 pm

I tried to make a donation, but there is a black panel that comes up to cover half of the screen once I have selected the dollar amount I would like to donate.

3/7/2012 01:53:49 pm

Wow really glad i found your website, i’ll be sure to visit back now i’ve bookmarked it.


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