So today… what a day, I experienced so many emotions today I am exhausted, spent. Today was a reminder of how human I am and how broken the world is. So let me start from the beginning:

I woke up, well rested. I have moved from the house into the dormitory because we have 3 guests here, who were definitely needed today. I put up two giant mosquito nets, found the most comfortable pillow, put on the coolest looking most comfortable sheets the Canadians left here, all right under the fan. It was the first night I slept with bare minimum clothing without a shred of fear of a full on bug flesh feast.

I came to breakfast- pancakes Diana made- woofed em down and then got ready for building day. We are building a new bridge over the bo-bo bridge that’s there now. We got about 85% done before lunch (2:30 pm) through a lot of sweat, I mean A LOT of sweat, and sunburn.

For lunch we had Bison Burgers from Teds Montana Grill- which was Rawesome! Reina and John and Kelly (I don’t know if I told you but we have vistors!!!) brought them down as a special treat for us. Then we went over to the orphanage, gave them some new shorts they brought as well, and then prepared for our game.

Yes, we had a game. What does that mean? Well the local Cabaret boys love to play the “blans” (whites) in soccer. I got some nice shirts by way of ESPN (shout out!)(or sell out…)(or trying to show everyone that im cool)(all the above) while I was in Cali, so now both teams have jerseys. The Haitians showed up about an hour late so our game went into the night. And as the night surfaced, so did all the underlying emotions of the day.

We lost the game 5-2. Why did I just write that? Any sane person would say, “Uhhh I literally don’t care what the score was of your random pick up game in Haiti was…” That is the correct response. Yet I took the game way too seriously and was legit mad that we lost. Afterwards I wanted to kick the ball into the river. I got snappy with Zack. I didn’t even shower after cause I was so mad- good one Jeremy, were you thinking that if I was sweaty and stinky everyone would know that I’m mad and have sympathy for me, ohhh boo hoo… I don’t know, but it didn’t take long to see that I am, after years of Jesus Rehab, still a sore loser, which indeed makes me a loser and reveals my need for Jesus more now than ever.

Jesus has a way of revealing to me how pathetic and microscopic the things that frustrate me are by showing me scope and relevance. It actually usually takes only a few minutes… 

In the case of tonight, I’m gunna keep it simple, my poor sportsmanship faded in a millisecond when I realized people in our house, in Haiti, all over the world are dealing with far greater issues. I, we, came down here to love orphans, learn culture and address problems as we encounter them. Sounds heroic huh… I thought that’d consist of community development, providing shelter, food, clothes and education to orphans and just cleaning up Haiti. Things are NEVER as they seem. Even being here for only 5 weeks, everything has flipped upside down. A big difference between Haiti and America, in Haiti corruption and greed are fully present, fully visible while in America corruption and greed are a secretive, behind closed doors poison. I guess that’s because Haitians are so poor and desperate they don’t care what anyone thinks of them while we Americans get the luxury of hiding behind our walls of status and possessions…

Tonight I rediscovered the greatest need in Haiti and it all comes back to the Gospel and relationships. Haitians, as well as Americans, are des-per-ate for loving relationships. Everyone in the whole entire scope of human history has been wronged, hurt, beat up, stepped on, abused, mistaken, confused, scared, sad, ect… We each choose to deal with it in ourselves, and those of us that do catch a glimpse of the pain and brokenness in this world. We can see it in our neighbor, our friend, family, co-worker too. What a grim and dark place this world is without hope. I have found all hope to be fleeting… except one. Jesus is literally the only thing I can cling to here in the darkness of Haiti. Jesus and His justice. His mercy. His peace. His grace. His hope.

Haiti is revealing.

We as a human race all have different symptoms of the same disease.

There is a cure and He is good.

10/15/2009 04:40:01 pm

Amen Schurke! That's such an encouragement for me. It's been the same here lately. I've been so focused on what's going on in my own life. Things that are so minuet to the issues of the people in South Africa and I really hope it's starting to settle in for good. Thanks for this.

5/15/2012 07:18:42 pm

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