We are painting the outside of the orphanage and putting on a medical clinic. We have a team from Savannah here and they have 2 doctors on the team. So after painting today, we took the orphans on a walk with some of the younger people from the team. After showing the orphans the green bridge, we begin to walk back. We passed the cemetery on the right and walked another 20 yards. Then a low, all tree ruffling shake.

Thoughts in my head, with concern growing expedientially, frantically looking for a cause:

"Is that a truck?"
"Is it a semi?"
"Is there a stampede coming?"

After about several seconds the initial continuous shake grew to a full on violent rumble. I was barely able to stand. It was shaking so hard my vision was blurry. It literally felt as though God was shaking the earth in his hand. I look over to Jean Lubeans, a 5 year orphan, standing in front on a concrete wall 20 feet away falling over like wave break. I yell out and try to gather myself to run. He steps out and barely escapes the crashing wall. I run over and take his hand and any others I can find. We drop down huddled in the middle of the road. I look around at everyone else, faces painted with shock. Then, like a ripple effect, it slowly fades out. From start to finish, about 45 seconds to a minute of shaking.

We get up. No one is hurt. Distant screams and shouts.

There is a spirit of panic in the air. We need to get back to the compound. As everyone grabs a kid and speed walks the half-mile back, I assess the surrounding damage. Almost every single house has at least one wall down. People are screaming and crying. I get back to the compound and help one of the doctors stitch up a woman’s forehead.

We have experienced about 40 aftershocks since the initial shake. Even as I am writing this the house shakes.

From everything I have heard, Port-Au-Prince got rocked. It’s dark there now, powers out. Estimates like half the buildings are down in some places. Won’t know for sure til the morning light shines.

Please be praying. I know of one hospital that has completely collapsed. Houses destroyed. People are trapped in rumble. This country is always on the edge of complete chaos. Pray for our safety. Get your friends to pray too.

God’s might and power were on display today.

It forced me down on my knees with fear and trembling.    

Pray for Haiti. Pray for us. 

1/12/2010 11:04:48 am

I've been thinking about you guys since the earthquake happened. glad to hear you're alright, and praying for you all as well.

God love you for seeing His might in it.

Heather Jones
1/12/2010 11:25:31 am

Hey- glad to hear you guys are okay- I'll be praying!

1/12/2010 11:41:59 am

Praying. Praying. Praying.

1/12/2010 11:42:48 am

Praying for all of you. Helping in the way I can.May the Almighty protect and bless all of you. I pray humanity can change to share with each other instead of thinking only of the self.Joy

1/12/2010 11:43:40 am

Hey man let me know if there is anything I can do or what y'all need. Take care my friend.

1/12/2010 11:51:55 am

Thanks for your post. I'm waiting to hear word from a mission I visit 3-4 times a year in Delmas. My husband and I are adopting two girls from there. I'm searching the internet for info & I appreciated hearing an account of what's happening in Haiti even if I don't know you personally. Where are you living? Just curious how close to Port au Prince you are. May God give you divine peace and strength for the days ahead.

1/12/2010 01:31:13 pm

May God Bless you all. I will be praying for you all and the people of Haiti. I am so touched my this. God is SO POWERFUL and although we may not understand his plan, Everything happens for a reason. I accept that and I believe God will take care of us through it all. If I could come there to help I definitely would....until then, May God be with you :-)

Deanna Hik
1/12/2010 01:48:35 pm

Do you the state of any of the Foyer de Sion orphanages? Fontamara? Our children are there that we are adopting and cannot get through.

David Hamilton
1/12/2010 01:55:33 pm

My church has 11 people there helping at an orphanage run by Bill Manaserro it's called Child Hope Int'l. Is there any way to find out if they are alright? God bless you for what you are doing there. All of us here believe with all our hearts that everyone of you, including our team, are there because God called you there to help, for such a time as this. Bless you.

1/12/2010 03:16:49 pm

my heart and prayers are with you and everyone in Haiti.

i can't even imagine what you all lived today. and even when all i can do is sit here and watch the news, i'll pray for all of you, for your safety.
my thoughts are with all of you.

God bless you.

Jemma Ewins
1/12/2010 06:19:44 pm

So glad you weren't hurt! will keep praying for God's strength.

1/12/2010 07:08:31 pm

I'm still in shock... I'm so glad to hear exactly how everything is there with yall... that the team is safe and the orphans are safe. What an emotional roller coaster Jeremy. You are such a strong person and I pray everyday for you and the compound. I've never heard of so much coverage on Haiti ever in my life. This is a blessing in disguise over time. Love you Jer.

1/12/2010 08:19:04 pm

Thanks for your account. Frightening to think of what so many people have gone through in Haiti in the past 14 hours. We can only pray that God's will will be done for the country. And pray that help comes quickly to those desperately needing it.
I pray you will find much strength and motivation to continue the work you are doing.
God bless,

Marisol Harrington
1/12/2010 10:36:50 pm

Hello, you do not know me personally but I know a friend of yours and I would like you too know you and your family are in my prayers.
God bless,
Marisol Harrington

1/12/2010 10:41:06 pm

know that I am praying for you and all of Haiti. I know that God has put you guys there for such a purpose as this and know how blessed you guys should be to be there at a time like this.

God is HUGE and bigger then an earthquake; always know that I am praying for all of YOU.


10/20/2012 05:09:08 pm

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1/12/2010 10:52:24 pm

Just wanted to know that there are prayers going in South Africa for all of you there and the orphanage and the country. "... God will sustain." as Jay said in his email. Keep us updated bro.

1/13/2010 12:20:01 am

Praying from Dallas, TX. So glad the babies were safe. Praise God for His timing. He truly is the Father of the fatherless.

katie heard day
1/13/2010 12:31:22 am

prayers to you from someone from your mandarin pres past! may god give you strength and courage and hope as you serve with your haitian brothers and sisters!

1/13/2010 01:42:04 am

Incredible story of God's protection and provision for you guys. And I'm confident that He will continue to use you to bring restoration to your community.

1/13/2010 02:56:55 am

Hi! Glad to hear you guys are OK. Could one of you e-mail me? I'm Jeff and I'm a reporter at The Times-Union in Jacksonville. Would love to let our readers know about you guys.

Kelly Eckert
1/13/2010 03:57:08 am

Thanks for the post and an update from some small portion of Haiti. Praying fervently in hope and restoration for all in Haiti, and that God's presence and provision radiates throughout.

Karl and Judith
1/13/2010 04:06:04 am

My family did missionary work in Haiti when I was young. I can only imagine the 'usual' anguish in Haiti time 1,000. We are in Atlanta and will be praying specifically for your group. Please continue to keep us updated. My husband may be coming down to assist in relief (aligned with a Haitian church in Atlanta) If there is any opportunity/need with you please let us k now.

Ann Mullen
1/13/2010 05:13:48 am

May you all have the strength to withstand this force of nature! May all the help you require be there when you need it. May all the needs that you and all who are involved be met and may you see the light that is already shining down on all that you do. Keep the faith for surly you are taken care of and will be always be. Keep shining and prayers are showering down upon you even as you despair.


1/13/2010 06:56:49 am

what can I say...unbelievable the devastation; praying that your team, Charles, his team have our Lord's peace and strength as you minister to those whose lives have been shattered. Thanks for loving on, reassuring, comforting "the boys" as you all go through the days ahead. A special hug to Peterson

Lynne Ferguson
1/13/2010 07:03:15 am

Just want you to know you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let Elliot and Jay know I am praying for you!

Meredith Buice
1/13/2010 08:02:58 am

Jeremy~ My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your team. I saw your link on a friends facebook today and decided to check it out. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. I think it is so wonderful what you are doing there.

Beth Carter
1/13/2010 12:10:30 pm

Hey I just saw a report from your mother on First Coast News and will be praying for you, your work, and the people of Haiti. I have been to Haiti to work in orphanages a couple of times and love the people there and can see why you have been drawn to the nation. I will continue to be in prayer and will hopefully be coming to help in recovery ASAP. God Bless.

Sonya Finch
1/13/2010 12:32:33 pm

I just saw a report on First Coast News about your mission and your blog. I am praying for you and for all of the people affected by this devastation.
For now I can only make a monetary donation, but I hope to be able to make a trip to help in the recovery process.
God Bless, stay safe.

1/13/2010 12:40:00 pm

I just heard about your story on the news here in Jax. Your post are amazing to read, you are doing God's work. I'll being praying for you.

Paige Beaugh Grymes
1/13/2010 01:01:26 pm

Y'all (Americans and Haitians) are weighing heavily on my heart. I'm lifting up many prayers for you all. Stay strong, couragous, and full of faith.

1/13/2010 11:56:27 pm

praying for you & everyone. keep the faith.

1/14/2010 06:10:31 am

Praying for you all, bro.

1/14/2010 09:31:32 pm

Be Strong and Courageous...and know that He will never leave or forsake. We are joined together in the covenant of Truth and prayer. Thank you for being willing to pick up your mat and go.

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