I woke up today restless. I had to drop into Cabaret a day before our convoy arrived. I arrived about 10am, dropped off my package to Charles and then headed off to PAP with a Dr. Cheryl. I was in PAP for about 8 hours going from hospital to hospital. The day ended with Dr. Cheryl taking me to the PAP UN headquarters (way to many UN people inside headquarters and not nearly enough on the streets) for a meeting with all the major organizational "players" in PAP. Dr. Cheryl tries to set up mobile clinics all over PAP. Now the Haitian police and USA military want more clinics but will give no protection (red tape issues). While PAP is now over saturated with help, I feel like finally major organizations are starting to control the chaos.

As for our compound, there were about 40 people in the church already prepped and waiting to have surgery. Dr. Cheryl has surgeons coming in Sunday, anxious and ready. Tomorrow is another big day. Jay, Kyle, Austin and Lockwood are transporting a huge convoy full of aid coming through the countryside. Pray for their safety.  ETA- 900am

1/22/2010 10:52:30 pm

I pray for the safety of your group. God is working in wonderful ways

Jemma Ewins
1/22/2010 11:01:35 pm

Hey Dude, glad you got there safely and hoping Kyle and the others do to. Your friendship with Kyle, Jay and those guys is amazing i'm so glad they are out there with you and i feel so blessed to have spent that summer with you guys. I'm praying every morning on my way to work, as well as during the day but love that since i'm in Britain i can pray for your day before it has even begun. Am hoping we can drum up some cash for Lespwa tomorrow at church i will make sure it gets to you as soon as possible.

Keep going your doing so well, don't underestimate God's reserves of strength and blessing he is totally with you, marking the way for you, protecting you from behind and holding you up at your side.


Dana Whitt
1/25/2010 08:17:13 am

i know you don't know me... but i am a student at UT in knoxville and i was at RUF the other night. this sweet girl that was in haiti recently talked about your group and lespwa and my heart literally broke...

i was led to your blog, which i have now soaked in every word and will continue to check back. it's eye-opening to read from a first-hand account of what the lord is doing. hopefully it's encouraging to know that someone you don't even know is praying...

persevere! keep trusting! fight the good fight.


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