It's Friday morning, Allen, the 11 year old son of Charles, bangs on my door at 5:45 A.M. "You gotta wake up, I need your help," he says. I jump out of bed in the daze of sleep soaked adrenaline, I find myself pacing to his house with him. I enter the door finally coming to my senses saying, "Okay, what's going on?!" He responds "I need you to make me some mouse ears for my school project today."   

Needless to say I started the day off in a great mood and really energized. Then we left in the morning to complete a round of chores in Port-Au-Prince (hardware shop, Charles's house site, go to the bank and get groceries). After getting nails, we left for Charles house. Once there, I was walking around when I noticed rocks flying past my feet. Confused, I look over and see Austin Holmes. It took my body about 1.5 to 2 seconds to transfer the image right before my eyes to my brain and allow the neurons to process that one of my best friends is standing right before me IN HAITI. This was followed by a small heart attack. Which was followed by overwhelming joy and a major release of endorphins.   

So Austin Holmes gave Jay and I a surprise visit. It was beyond great and therefore have no need to try and explain the rest of his 3 days visit.   

Actually I would like explain one aspect of his visit. While here, we discovered new breathing techniques for holding our breath for as long as possible. Prior to last night, I can't recall ever holding my breath for longer than 2 mins. As of last night, I have eyewitnesses in Jay Cherry and Austin Holmes, my new record for how long I can hold my breath is 4 minutes and 50 seconds. It's ridiculous, my fingers and toes were complete numb, Jay said my face was turning blue, but it was an amazing experience between me and my heart that we will not soon forget...    

Gotta go to church now and pass out bread (see post below) we made yesterday for the entire congregation (about 200 peoples)...

11/1/2009 09:24:54 pm

How awesome to see Austin! What a special treat to have him visit with you and Jay. There will be plenty of good memories for you. I have some French books a-comin' on down.Much love to all of you!


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