7:30 am- I wake up rejuvenated beyond my understanding. The new day has brought me health and encouragement. It will all be fully needed to endure the day. Thanks be to God and all of those praying…

7:35 am- Charles Amicy takes Zack and I to PAP, in a search party, to find his sister and her family. With no contact since the quake, we will need a minor miracle to find them if they are still alive…

8:30 am- Enter the concrete jungle of PAP. The capital of Haiti is completely shut down and everyone is on the streets walking aimlessly afraid to go near any concrete structures. Almost every building left standing has major cracks crawling up the sides. The higher we go into the mountains of PAP, the intensity rises. More collapsed buildings, more blocked roads, more people covering their faces due to the increasing number of decaying bodies scattered on the side of the road.

10:00ish am- We park at the entrance of a blocked road. Charles gets out and tells us to stay in the truck as he runs off. The door opening and closing allows a strong stench of death to permeate inside. Zack and I make timid eye contact in the back seat as if to say, “God help us.” The ride thus far through PAP puts Zack and me in a heavy silence not easily broken. Finally, Charles emerges waving his arms franticly. Miracle 1- He found his sister, her husband and her kids- unharmed. They have a handful of belongs and throw them into the bed of the truck. They ask Zack and me to watch over it as they go back for one more round of things. Charles gives me his handkerchief to breathe through as the stagnate outside air reeks of dead bodies. We try to reorganize the possessions to make more room and in doing so stand several 5 gallon jugs upright. I witness an unsettling potential foreshadowing of the near future. As Haitians walking by see the jugs now clearly visible, they stop dead in their tracks. With frenzied looks they ask, “Eske ou gen dlo?!” (You have water?!) We say no but they just stare. Not just any stare, for a Haitian does not stare like Americans. A haunting soul piercing stare, the kind of stare where literally anything can happen next. Within 30 seconds, we quickly lay the jugs back down out of view. With no water in PAP, a storm of anxiety is growing stronger by the day. Charles and company return with some final items. Charles sister and family ride inside the truck with him while Zack and I lay on belongings in the bed of the truck. Heading back to Cabaret, we experience a full sensory taste of the sights of broken concrete and twisted rebar, the sounds of restless Haitians wondering about, the smell of rotting humans, the taste of dust and the feel of a rising atmosphere of chaos in PAP.

11:30 am- We arrive back at our house realizing we inevitably need to make a very important decision. Are we staying or are we going? We, the Americans, had weighed the pro and cons of both sides tirelessly. Bottom line- By staying right now with no tangible things to offer (aka medical relief), we are needlessly using scarce and valuable resources our Haitians friends and orphans require to survive. Along with growing concern for our safety, we decide we must go. Jay had been consulting with some missionary friends of ours about potential ways to get out. Our top 3 options, 1st option- try to navigate PAP to get to the US Embassy. The less reliable 2nd option- go to Citibank in PAP and use their helicopters to fly us to the Dominican Republic for a future flight to America. The 3rd option consisted of a crackpot team of our closest and most “Bear Grylls like” friends to come by boat and take us back. We decide to give PAP a try. The truck we have had enough gas to make just one more roundtrip to PAP and Charles needed to go back asap to pick up his other brother Leon and family. So it’s try now or try an unknown extendedly long time from now.

Noon- We gathered what we could in backpacks and said some rushed goodbyes. The orphans wanted to know when we would return but I could make no guarantees. Sometimes the rational thing to do proves to be the hardest thing to do. Leaving our compound, our orphans, our friends, we all felt so guilty. Trying to navigate the endless maze of concrete dead ends in PAP, thoughts crowded my head. “It’s not fair. Why can I go and not them? They did nothing to deserve this. They have nothing to overcome this. Government = Corrupt. Basic Necessities to Live = Dwindling by the Day. Land = Deforested. Orphans = Skyrocketing. Life isn’t fair.” But in the midst of a divinely carved out route to our 2nd miracle, God quieted me. He reminded me that He is sovereign and has promised to make all things new. All things. Even the most twisted, mangled things. Even the most hopeless, dejected beings. It is all unfolding perfectly in His story. My hope, my whole existence, clings to the truth that this story of making all things new is finished and now unfolding perfectly. As I passed the UN soldiers to walk up to the Embassy, I felt at ease for the first time since just before 5 pm on Tuesday…

2:45 pm- We arrive at the US Embassy.
1/15/2010 08:22:24 pm

I wish you had stayed. Sometimes staying and sharing in a people's suffering is the greatest demonstration of God's love.

1/15/2010 08:47:49 pm

Philip, that is a very insensitive thing that you said. Unless you are currently a missionary living in Haiti you have no room to talk. No one has any idea what is going to happen there over the next few days, weeks, or months. When people get desperate terrible things start to happen. I am sure they gave their decision much thought and prayer.

Jemma Ewins
1/15/2010 08:48:46 pm

Glad you guys are safe and home and that you managed to sleep, already big answers to prayer! God will not stop using you, whether you are there or not.

The need has never been greater for the work you are doing out there and I shall pray that God will send you all back refreshed, strong and ready for the challenges ahead, at the first opportunity.

love Jem

1/15/2010 08:52:41 pm

I think Philip should get on the first plane to Haiti to start demonstrating God's love. I mean if you're going to suggest others should do that and all. Just sayin...

1/15/2010 11:12:44 pm

We are still praying for you buddy. If you are coming through Miami at all, please let us know. We'd be glad to help you however we can.


1/15/2010 11:15:04 pm

i am so glad to hear the answers to so many of our prayers. i am praying for yalls hearts as you figure out the next step. very much love, jacks

1/16/2010 01:07:09 am

My prayers are with you. Be safe.

1/16/2010 01:40:46 am

Jesus always provided for people's physical needs before attending to their spiritual needs. Even before feeding the five thousand He had a few fish to start with. You guys need resources at this point to help these people. My prayers are with you.

1/16/2010 04:15:36 am

After reading elsewhere that the greatest needs there are medical help and the basic supplies and that all else should stay away, I applaud your decision to leave. Godspeed. I know you must feel broken and so, so sad; may God heal your heart and protect those whom you have left behind.

Murray Rodger
1/16/2010 04:53:16 am

You made the right decision. We're all praying for you and the Haitians. Praying that your team will be able to get the resources and supplies you need to bring back.

Katy Conway Hill
1/16/2010 07:05:10 am

Adam and I are praying for you daily Jeremy, if you come through Orlando and need absolutely anything please let us know. I can't imagine how hard it was to leave, our prayers are continually with you and Haiti.

1/16/2010 07:26:56 am

hey philip, from all accounts i have seen, it sounds like the food supplies are scarce. and it would therefore be selfish of jeremy to stay and eat into the supplies of those who cannot leave. furthermore, it sounds like jeremy came home to further work on getting supplies together to get back to the haitian people.

i am expecting you to apologize for your inane, selfish comment.

1/16/2010 10:12:29 pm

You don't know me, but a friend told me of your situation. I'm praying for you and your group, as well as the Haitian people. I know your decision was prayerfully made and I thank you for all you are doing. God bless.

1/17/2010 04:09:49 am

I'm sure leaving was the hardest decision y'all have had to make but God is leading your every step telling you which way to go. I'm praying, my whole family is praying and reading your blog. It's breaking our hearts; I think that is what God is really doing for alot of His people right now. Breaking our hearts to take action. We wil keep praying with complete faith, no doubts, that God will have all the glory and He will be the Comforter and Healer in all of this. James 1:5-6

1/17/2010 04:49:18 am

Hi, So glad that God gave you peace about leaving. He is in control and He would not give you peace like that if He had wanted you to stay. He opens doors and He closes them. Just wait for the door to open again. In His love Donna

Linda Mayfield
1/17/2010 05:05:45 am

I live in Miami and if you are passing through and need some help let me know via email. God bless you and all you have done and will continue to do for those in Haiti. We are praying for you.

1/17/2010 05:21:45 am

I applaud your decision to leave so that more supplies will be available to those that cannot. I hope that you were able to return safely or, if the transport is to be held up for a long time, that you are able to help distribute aid and help towards those that might otherwise be overlooked.

Carie Fife
1/17/2010 09:20:29 pm

I can't say that I wouldn't have given the water to the Haitians. I think of what Jesus would do. Although in reading this and trying to put myself in your shoes, I'm not sure that I could do it. Ever. Anxiety would take it's toll, I'd be overwhelmed with emotions, seeing the dead, I'm sure I'd be a limp body laying there scared for life! But through it all, you clearly identified where God wanted you to be with this. I think it's amazing. YOU are amazing! God bless!

sally Stanfill
1/17/2010 09:56:01 pm

Aubree gave me your blogs and updated me a little bit. I've spent the last hour reading through them. I am praying. I am praying for you, Jeremy and Diana. I am praying for Mindylove. I am praying for the children left in Haiti. I am praying for opportunities for you to get in front of churches and spread the story. I am praying for God to redeem, restore and rebuild, in the Name of Jesus

1/18/2010 05:53:46 am

Jeremy, this story is amazing. It was incredibly courageous to know when to leave. I'm praying you get home safely and God continues to use you to reach the people of Haiti.

Philip... Congratulations for successfully dissuading people from Christianity with your self-righteous, ignorant comment.

1/19/2010 01:37:53 am

What did you do with the water and supplies that you hid?

10/18/2010 06:59:46 pm

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