Title: Outreach Director.

    Meaning: I get the pleasure of exploring Haiti, scouring local communities to discover indigenous churches who need help so I can connect them with MOH resources and teams while simultaneously connect the teams with MOH's vision to love and help the community.

    Umm, so I'm stoked.

06/26/2010 05:40

WOW. I sure hope you enjoy this new job. You can sure talk to people and be persuasive about God's great love. Good luck with this and take a friend so you two can share this experience. Love you!!!!!!!!

06/26/2010 10:09

oh jer -
our loss is truly haiti's gain!...MOH is soo blessed to get you, as is every one that comes thru that place. they all get to be loved on by you, to get to watch you love on other people, to get to hear/see the incredulous love of the Father be poured into you. sooo happy for you jeremy. sharing in all your joy:):):)

07/07/2010 07:08

hello. came across your blog on jacksonville.com. our school had a small collection drive collecting toys and flip flops. our contact to donate them to a haitian orphange fell through. Would you be able to make use of them if we can get them to you? two large boxes.

Grace Williamson
07/16/2010 07:06

Dear Jeremy. just tell you again how very proud we are of you. And your Mom called last night to tell us that you will get to come home on August 7th. I ao wish you could come up here for a day or two-the red carpet would surely be rolled out. Be safe and know that we love you and pray for you. Grandmama

10/19/2010 20:39

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10/22/2010 20:59

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