One of my favorite things in this life is the sensation of time stopping, just for a moment, becuase it reminds me of the freedom I have to live outside my own mind and thoughts. When time pauses, my worries fade and I am just truly, fully present in the moment. For me, these interruptions most often take the form of daydreams, captivating movies, music, laughing and nature. Nature, for me, is very up and down. Sometimes God allows me to take nature in like a baby opening his eyes for the first time, but other times I am so far in my own thoughts and doings that I bypass nature completely. There's nothing like being out in nature to experience nature. Since being here, I have this growing interest in the complexly simple grandness of nature. 

-On a side note-
Here is a picture of the new bridge we built. Designed by Jay and Zack. Delayed by Jeremy. Supervised by John. Created with left over wood from old concrete forms. 

7/26/2013 12:27:05 pm

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