So about the false post… Elliott Cherry broke into my account and thought itd be funny to post that cause I havent been able to blog things for awhile… real funny e, now half the world is pissed….

That leads me to my time in Cali- lotta ups and some downs. Here’s a few blurbs of my time there:

I got to see many friends and make many new friends aka Tony Hale, Johnny Hugs, Callie Ham and her roomies (kinda upset about that free Moby concert), Roadtrip Nationers, Wagners Wedding Party (emphases on PARTY), Espn Risers, like Team USA softball, someone who had made out with Natalie Portman (he’s from East Hampton)… I have tried and tried but I just can’t get that dagger out of my heart…

I chilled in the LBC, spent a week with the Wagner’s and not just any week, their first week of marriage- ah lovely- Venice, La Jolla, Hermosa, laughed a lot, was very close to calling to 911 (ask me of you wanna know), got thousands of dollars of sweet merchandise for Haitians for free and drink liquid with ice on a sofa in air conditioning!!!

But I’m back and it’s nice to be here, I can hear the choir singing in the background, its hot but I like it… On Monday, I will start as the P.E. teacher in the school on our campus (its not called a compound anymore, too prisony). 300 kids, many many miscommunications and misunderstands to come. I want to build a playground with pull up bars and parallel bars and labyrinths (it’s a dream okay?!) and other fun things to play on in front of the orphanage. The team in December, God willing, will build a basketball slash soccer hybrid court. People are coming this week about a bread factory. In January, we start to rebuild the bridge the flood took away so cars/trucks can drive can drive into our compound. All the while, we got orphans to love on, Creole to learn and that God to seek.

And I saw this yesterday…
Glad to be back...
10/14/2009 01:13:49 am

Glad to hear from you. Don't need to know about 911 if you are ok. Can't wait to hear all the many stories about your trip. You saw Callahan? Ha-ha. Love you.

jackie Turnage
10/15/2009 11:17:58 am

the picture at the top is bangin. and indie-ish. me gusta mucho.

5/15/2012 07:18:54 pm

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