Things are getting little topsy tourvy around here. Earlier in the day I felt overwhelmed, worthless and extremely unmotivated. Not to mention depressed too. So I went outside and sat on top of the look out tower and sat very still. Stillness is hard for me but tremendously rewarding. The joy of stillness is remarkable. You get to continuously partake in the natural world surrounding you. Whether it be noticing the vivid contrast between the warm green mountain and the eternal blue sky filled with artistic clouds, hearing the orchestra of wind blown branches and trees or just breathing aware that a trillion thing are going on in my body that I have no control of.

When there is the constant renewable batch of obstacles here in Haiti, it is easy to see how little I am in control. ("We have no car at our disposal thus are down to our last gallon of clean water and have no gas to fill the generator because we cannot get more. The rain is making the mud around the septic tank some how collapse downward. I really don't know how to communicate this in Creole to anyone besides pointing," - A journal entry). This aint no pity party though, cause secretly I love it! I love being taken on a good whirlwind adventure. I also get the opportunity to trust and depend on a Savior other than myself. I can try my best to save myself here but Haiti will swallow me whole every time. It is sooo refreshing to know and believe that God is my actual provider. I trust in that, in Him. It is a trust that grows stronger by the day as my body grows weaker (no one needs to panic either, we got more water and gas and everything is fine now)


Quick Note: There are now 10 boys and 1 girl in the orphanage, the kids are real good, except one- he bites...

Kim Skinner
9/19/2009 10:41:38 pm

Great Blog,J. You communicate so well, and (not surprising) funny! I am praying that the love of our Savior will compell you to keep giving your life away through tough relationships, scary situations (food?) and in the name of Jesus. You Go!

Jackie Turnage
9/20/2009 01:31:26 am

1. it sounds like you're having a wonderful scary exciting breathtaking beautiful adventure!
2. you sound a little bit like holden caulfield in this last one, but not as cynical. its a good thing.
3. i have a class where we go hiking once a week and read and talk about stuff about nature and solitude etc. and it is really freakin cool. its really cool to listen to the trees when a breeze comes thru. thats what this reminded me of. except we don't take hikes to haiti. unfortunately.
4. nice blog, good to hear updates, praying for you!

Jake Ellis
9/21/2009 10:20:41 am

Hey buddy! Judging by the blog it seems you are having a fantastic adventure!

Here are some bands that you should listen to...

Imogean Heap's new album is a'ight ;)
Bon Iver - start with the blood bank EP
The Album Leaf is great for some sleep time

That should do ya for a while

I'm glad to hear that stuff is going well with you!


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