We are moving back to Haiti on Friday. I, we, have been on a long winding road for the past 2 months. Its been a confusing, frustrating, exciting and ultimately- a clarifying road. I am also excited to start updating about Haiti again when I get back down there.

Recently, Jay, Diana and I went to California to look at Grad schools. It was incredibly refreshing. Here is a video I made of our trip:
kate boudreaux
3/8/2010 01:12:03 pm

...so i stumbled upon your website a few months back, and i must confess, i've never quite been the same since :)

Your life, your story, is a breath of fresh air, and although we've never met (and probably never will) i want to say thank you.

You have inspired and challenged me in ways i cannot even begin to express...


dana whitt
3/9/2010 02:36:47 pm

i am a student at ut in knoxville... i go to ruf and lauren miller is a sweet friend of mine. i got hooked up with your website through her, and i check in often to see how you guys are doing. i know you don't know me, but know that i'm praying for you guys, specifically this week as you transition your lives back to haiti. i am truly encouraged and challenged by your words and the stories you tell. the lord is great and amazing as he uses his saints on this beautiful land...

randy and karen lodder
3/11/2010 09:46:54 pm

Hey Jeremy,
Wishing you God's strength as you head back to Haiti, the place you've grown to love. If you see my hubby make sure you give him a big hug from me! And praying that one day we can have another hang out weekend with some good old pictionary charades :)

10/28/2010 02:14:35 am

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4/18/2012 07:22:36 pm

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