I am in fact alive. I have not written anything in 2 months. Not because there has been a lack of things to write about but more because I have been working on other things.

"other things?" yeah, other things. "like what?"


Beginning October 1st (less than 10 days) our new website goes live and my hope is that you can start following me, us (jay, diana, ruben [our haitian friend], austin [our american friend]) in our continued efforts in Haiti.


Lespwa does in fact mean hope in french creole, the spoken language in Haiti. On our new website we will be posting newness almost everyday to keep you as up to date as possible with events, plans, happenings, dreams and secrets.

A Lespwa Summit meeting next week.
A 7 city fall tour.
3 cords.
Haiti One.
New videos, merchandise, photos, blogs.

With one year under our belt, we are getting organized and in the beginning stages of launching a full on movement of hope by

mobilizing passion
pursuing restoration
with the vision of Haiti transformed