It was pretty common and simple- a 35 minute plane ride to Miami, a 4 hour lay over then a 2 hour plane ride to Port-au-Prince. Done. But in the details before, during and after lies the adventure…

In Orlando Tuesday night at our “last supper” 2 tables over sat Carrot Top (he is on steroids and looked like he hadnt slept in a week- not a good showing by our buddy carrot top). We ate sushi and celebrated to the monetary sum I do not wish to disclose (thanks pops!).  Slept in a nice hotel, sat in a hot tub and laughed about childhood memories and Wink aka dude rapper.

Wednesday morning I arose groggy and headed to the airport. The Cherries prayed for us and Reina shed some tears. Walked through security and hopped on the plane. We took off on a journey from the richest country in the western hemisphere heading to the poorest. We met Zack in Miami and proceeded to Haiti.

We landed in Port-au-Prince, walked out of our plane on to the airstrip, past the traditional Haitian band jamming away, through customs, around baggage claim and out the front door to see Charles comfortably leaning on a rail looking over the top of his glasses calmly smiling that we were finally there.

As usual, we get mobbed by people forcefully grabbing our luggage trying to take it to our car. I feel fine and safe because I know Charles is in control. We make it to the truck, throw our luggage in the back and drive to the site of Charles’ new house. The foundation, gate and wall look great but nothing compares to the view. Charles is working with people in Canada to build his house and asked for the bedrooms to be on the second floor so everyone can look out whenever they please at the amazing view.

We drive to our place, see some friends, check out our new pad and eat some spaghetti. It’s official, minus this computer I am writing on (powered by a generator we buy gas for), we are living in the early 1900’s. I feel like a materialistic addict going through the early stages of withdrawal cold turkey style. I got a feeling its only going to get worse but I am excited to see what type of person lies within my truest self away from all my idols and comforts.

Anyway, I am in the jungle. The real jungle. Way further away than a 2 hour plane ride might indicate. I am perplexed, a little scared, but mostly excited about the unknown. I laid in bed last night thinking about how short my time here on earth is. It made my stomach drop. Then I thought I have a choice. I can live as comfortably and as in control as I did in my last day in America or I give my comfort, fears and future to Jesus. It is my choice.  As Andy Dufresne once said, “Get busy living , or get busy dying.” I wanna get busy living. I want to see and touch and feel the unknown. I want an adventure where I know my final destination but have no idea what the path looks like getting there.

I am ready. Day 1 on this new path: complete.