We live with a cat that is affectionately known around these parts as “worst”. And that's an understatement. A list of accomplishments:

  1. The cat has, on multiple occasions, broken through the screen window because its too lazy to go through the front door thus allowing an open invitation AND entryway to the 5 trillion species of insects of Haiti to a bedside feast, courtesy of me.

  2. One of Cat's favorite games is called, “How many places can I poop besides the litter box?”

  3. The cat goes on wild excursions in the outside world only to bring back her findings as if we were even interested (this weeks examples: she waltzes in with a mouse in her mouth and takes it over to my dirty clothes pile AND Austin found her munching on a half eaten lizard {Haitian size, not American} our newly blood stained, complements to cat, front porch.)

  4. It has an abstinence problem or she just really likes being a mother, either way, we don't want any more kittens.

  5. Cats are supposed to be graceful but this cat is clumsy. Or reckless. Or spiteful. Just stop knocking over our stuff. Thanks.

  6. One time, true story, Jay heard her say something in English but now, upon further questioning, she pretends to not know any English... jerk...

So I will leave you with 6 reasons to ponder over why we feel this cat has more than earned her name “worst”. Other nicknames are welcomed.

6/10/2010 01:56:23 am

And this is just another reason why we have dogs! :-)
Love you lots!!!!!!!

Grace Williamson
6/10/2010 04:35:03 am

My friend, Sharyn, has two wonderful cats named Gus and Gertie. I think you probably remember them. Try to teach "worst" to be like them. Love you always, Grandmama

6/10/2010 09:43:41 pm

my first thot - is all the cherry dogs sent "worst" your way to help you REALLY love and appreciate them more (at all!) now that you see the way some animals behave...you mite have a change of heart towards even huck, the worlds greatest dog! please keep the stories coming from haiti-land - they are all gifts to our hearts!

6/11/2010 04:39:41 am

wow. that cat really IS a jerk for pretending not to know any english.
if i had a cat, i would name it i-hate-cats.
those are my thoughts.

10/28/2010 02:15:25 am

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